Autumn Term 2020

We are all so pleased to be back in school and excited for all our learning this half term.

Please see below the delights of our first half term in Autumn:

Things are now in full swing and as a class we are enjoying being back and getting used to the new normal and learning again!  Watch this space for more updates...

This half team has gone so quikly for us in Class 5; we have been so busy and loved every minute!

We introduced our Europe topic by finding where in the world Europe was and which countries were part of this.  An enlarged jigsaw of all the countries helped us visualise it and has been a good point of reference throughout our topic.

In Science, we have been learning about ourselves and other animals.  It has been really interesting to find out about our skeletons and how our bodies are made up.  We made our own skeleton puppets and Mrs Birch even let us dance with them to the Skeleton Dance!  


Following learning about our skeletons, we have been flexing our muscles!  We have learned how muscles work and the effect of exercise on our bodies.  We constructed muscles (our upper ams) from cardboard and elastic bands.  This helped us see how when one muscle contracts (our bicep) the other will lengthen (our tricep) so bend the arm and vice versa to straighten.  An investigation showed how the more active lifestyle we have the easier movement and exercise is.

France and French art was our chosen European art to study.  We have looked at several French artists and how the depict French landscape.  We have created a picture in the style of Cezanne of an area of local interest.

Thinking about Geography, we have been learning about human and physical geography - what both are and how to identify examples of each.  When studying Germany, we looked at different football teams and had a mini tournament in class (well outside!).  We were then able to design a new kit for our team.  First, we had to reserach the area and note examples of human and physical geography.  We then created wordart clouds with these examples to be printed on the front of our shirts.