Christmas 2019

During Advent, our school hall displayed a celebration of traditional Christmas Carols. 

Reverse Advent Calendar 

Thank you to everyone who helped with the Reverse Advent Calendar collection. Everything you donated has been passed to @CarlisleFbank to help those less fortunate than ourselves. #BelieveAndAchieve

Not only was this a fun thing for the whole school to do together, it more importantly teaches the children the importance of helping others and seeing the bigger picture at Christmas.

Christingle Service 

On Thursday 30th January,  we celebrated Christingle at St. Mary’s Church in Rockcliffe. Thanks to Rev. Jan van den Berg for leading us in worship.

Before the service, each child in the school got a chance to learn about what a Christingle is and then make one of their own. 

During the service the children explored the Christingle further, sang songs, took part in prayers and two volunteers from each class lit their Christingle.