English - Reading

Reading is central to a child’s understanding of the school curriculum and is of vital importance in life. Fluent readers can access a full range of life experiences and can enjoy an amazing breadth of genres and writers.

At Rockcliffe, we aim to develop a love and appreciation of reading which will stay with children for life. We hope to achieve this through careful planning and teaching using up-to-date strategies. Listening to a child read is simply not enough; rather we use good reading materials and resources within English lessons to provide high quality learning opportunities.

Good reading is an essential life skill.

Children sometimes learn through shared and whole class reading.  This is where the teacher works with the children to model fluent, expressive reading, the use of effective reading strategies and to encourage response to texts. It can be a vehicle for both teaching children to read (decode) and for teaching children about reading, including comprehension.

Shared Reading enables children to access and enjoy rich, authentic texts which are slightly beyond their independent reading level. Sessions are generally planned in a sequence and involve re-reading for different purposes, with children using their developing skills and understanding as they become more familiar with the text.

We expect children to read with their parents each evening.  This daily practice ensures that children use the skills that they have been taught and that they share their successes with their parents. 

Children in the Early Years and Key Stage One have daily Phonics lessons to help them start reading quickly.  More information on this can be found within the phonics section on this website.

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World Book Day 2022

A great day has been had by all, Thursday 3rd March 2022...World Book Day.  It was lovely to get back to how things used to be and have a day where we could all be together celebrating as a whole.  We came to school dressed as our favourite adjective and there were lots of clever ideas - it was lovely to see you all dressed as you!  Earlier in the week we ran an Extreme Reading Competition and there were some great entries, you were all much braver than me! Friends of Rockcliffe ran a book swop and many of the teachers and adults commented on how lovely it was to hear 'book talk' and it was very exciting being able to buy a new book!  A fantastic day, spreading the enjoyment and power of reading, roll on next year!

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