Our Values 2019-2020

Rockcliffe CE School provides a nurturing environment that inspires and challenges our whole school family.
This is built on our core values of lovetrusttolerancerespect and forgiveness which together help us to create a sense of true community.
We change our Value focus every half term.  Children develop their knowledge and understanding through Acts of Collective Worship and Class Reflection.  Our School Value Books can be found in the entrance hall. 

Autumn 1 2019 - Thankfulness 

Our Christian Value this half term is THANKFULNESS and includes the celebration of Harvest Festival.
‘Always be thankful.’ 1 Thessalonians 5.16 It is not happy people who are thankful; it is thankful people who are happy (Anon)

Autumn 2 2019 Compassion 

Our value for this half term (Autumn 2 2019) is Compassion.


Children from across the school have taken part in some independent reflection today (30.10.19)  
They thought about someone who is special to them and made a pipe cleaner symbol to represent them.