Our Values 2020-2021

Rockcliffe CE School provides a nurturing environment that inspires and challenges our whole school family.  This is built on our core values of lovetrusttolerancerespect andforgiveness which together help us to create a sense of true community.
We change our Value focus every half term.  Children develop their knowledge and understanding through Acts of Collective Worship and Class Reflection.  Our School Value Books can be found in the entrance hall. 

When we returned to school in September, we took some time to reflect on the events of lockdown. 
Each class thought about the key Christian Values that related to their time in Lockdown and we created new hall displays to show how much we valued the time ; we looked for the positives that we could take from it. 

Our Foundation  classes focused on the beautiful rainbow of HOPE.  

Class 3 children thought about what and who they were thankful for during Lockdown. 
Thank you for all these blessings that I take for granted on a daily basis. ...
Thank you for all the lessons, especially the hard ones. ...

Children discussed the times that they found hard- times when they couldn't see family and friends but they found happiness and support in their home.  They were grateful for extra quality time with those who live in their house; they had zoom so they could talk to and see those that they missed; they had food, drink and shelter; and they found activities to keep them busy on long days.  The children made a huge list of everythiing they were thankful for during lockdown and we are very proud of their positive outlook. 

Class 4 

Class 5

Class 6 

Autumn 1 2020 - Generosity

God's generosity is best described as 'grace', love given freely without limit or conditions. This generosity, once experienced and acknowledged by an individual, can in turn release a generous spirit towards others.

Children looked back on the 'Give a Day' Project ' to think about how it made them and others feel. 


Our Bible Timeline is now up in the school hall. 

Have you filled a bucket?
Class 3 children thought about what we could be generous with in our daily lives.  We aspire to be a class of bucket- fillers.  

Thank You Prayers 
Year 1 and 2 children wrote their own Thank You Prayers after a Harvest Collective Act of Worship. 
They thought about the Christian story of Creation and how God oversees the Harvest; we said thank you for our wonderful earth.