School Transport

Unless it is possible on the transport used, social distancing will not apply on dedicated school transport from the Autumn term 2020, in line with Government guidance. This is because:

  • the overall risk to children and young people from contracting coronavirus (COVID-19) is very low.
  • Pupils do not mix with the general public on those journeys.
  • dedicated school transport often carries the same group on a regular basis, and those children may also be together in school. This helps limit the number of other people with whom they come into contact.
  • the predictability, which public transport does not afford, will allow for planning so that appropriate protective measures can be put in place.

Government guidance says that having school bubbles will still bring benefits even if implemented partially, and that schools may need to allow mixing into wider groups in certain circumstances, including on transport.

There is no requirement for children to sit in their school bubble on dedicated school transport, however we will ensure that all children either sit with a dedicated bus buddy or, preferably, with a member of their own household whenever possible.  Parents should ensure that their children sit together when they board a bus in a morning and that bus buddies sit together.  Wherever possible, a bus buddy will a friend from the same class.

There is no requirement for any child to wear a mask as this is contracted transport. 

Hand Sanitiser will be provided on board the vehicle and it should be used by pupils when getting on, and getting off the bus.

August 2020