SEN(D) and Children Looked After

SEN(D) is the abbreviation for Special Needs and Disabilities.  We are proud of our support for children with identified special needs.  We work closely with the Local Authority and parents to support children with targeted interventions or supported schemes of work.  

All children have a special need at some point of their life in school; this can be as simple as having a few sessions of additional teaching time to overcome a a misunderstood concept or it could require intervention leading to an Education and Health Care Plan. We will allays do our best to support your child.

Our building is continually being updated to ensure that it meets the needs for all of our pupils.  

All schools are also required to publish details of their local offer. This outlines what special arrangements a school can make to support children with SEN(D).  Cumbria's Local Offer, and Rockcliffe CE School's in particular, can be accessed by clicking the link.

Cumbria Local Offer Search for either Rockcliffe or by your postcode.

If you have any queries regarding the provision of Special Needs support then please contact Mrs. Johnson who is the school's Special Needs Co-ordinators (SENCO).  You can email questions, queries, reports and completed forms directly to our SEN(D) email account which is 

We also recognise that children who have been, or who are looked after, often need additional support.  Our teacher with responsibility for these children is currently Mrs. Jones.