Staffing 2021 - 2022

The following staff can always be contacted for help and support:

Senior Leadership Team

Mr. David Hodgkiss – Head Teacher

Miss Amanda Lee – Deputy Head Teacher


Miss Lee and Mrs. Jones cover SEN(D) issues. 

Mrs. Jones is the designated school’s Special Needs Co-ordinator (SEN(D)Co) and teaches in Year 5/6. She can be contacted with SEND queries at 

Mr. Hodgkiss and Miss Lee are the first points of contact for Safeguarding and Child Protection concerns or queries.

Teaching Staff

Miss Lee                             F1 (Nursery) and F2 (Reception)

Miss Serean Bell                 Year 1

Mrs. Emma Batey               Year 2 (Monday and Tuesday)

Mrs. Lucy Simpson              Year 2 (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)*

Mrs. Lisa Hewetson            Year 3

Mrs. Katie Hullock*             Year 4

Mrs. Rachel Jones              Year 5/6

(* Maternity cover)

Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA)

Miss Laura Bingham

Miss Lauren Halvorsen

Miss Bingham and Miss Halvorsen teach each afternoon to cover PPA (Planning Time) and lead groups to support children each morning.

Senior Teaching Assistants

Mrs. Rachael Donohoe **

Mrs. Sarah Glencross**

Mrs. Louise Parker **

Mrs. Pauline Thompson**

Mrs. Danielle Ward **

**Attached to children with an EHCP

Teaching Assistant

Miss. Parissa Livarjani

Midday Supervisors

Mrs. Kerrie Deans

Mrs. Elaine Harty

Mrs. Angela Singleton

Mrs. Sarah Steddy

Midday Sports Leader (and Clerk to the Governors)

Miss Wendy Barclay

Maternity leave

Mrs. Pieroni and Mrs. Birch are currently on maternity leave and are due to return in summer 2022.