At Rockcliffe we believe that all pupils have an entitlement to a range of high-quality arts experiences, whatever their background or ability. Our arts provision is embedded in the school's ethos and planning mechanisms, and provides opportunities for cross-curricular work. We provide opportunities to develop self-esteem, confidence and maturity through participation in the arts and provide opportunities for pupils to learn about the arts of diverse cultures. There is a strategic approach to arts provision, which takes into account the curriculum, out-of-hours opportunities, sharing and celebrating achievements in the arts, visits and partnerships with arts organisations outside school, and the contribution of the arts to the school environment.

Resources are allocated to arts provision, including staff, continual professional development, materials, facilities and equipment. Student voice is valued and children are given opportunities such as questionnaires and school council meetings to put forward their ideas and to take leadership in the arts.

We understand the arts to include art and design, music, dance, drama, creative writing, photography and animation and 3D work. We have a commitment to cultural diversity and teach this through our topic work. The arts are embedded in our curriculum and are accessed through topic work, discrete lessons and afterschool clubs.

Each year we work with artists and arts organisation who share their expertise with us and when a particular talent is spotted children are “signposted” to appropriate arts activites outside school.

We aim for all children, whatever their ability or circumstances to access and achieve through our arts provision. Engaging with a variety of art forms, to explore values, attitudes, feelings and meanings. We encourage pupils to work independently and in teams, to share arts experiences and present artworks to others and to take part in a performance at least once a year. Children are given opportunities to take part in weekly after school arts activities and present art work to the local community at least once a year.

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