Rockcliffe CE School is a Voluntary Controlled school and this means that admissions into Reception are controlled by Cumbria County Council. Places for all other year groups, including our Nursery, are handled by the school.  Each year we have an admission number of twenty children per year and the criteria for getting a place are outlined in the admissions statement. 

If you wish to contact the School Place team then please call 01228 606060

Applications for places in other year groups are dealt with by the school. The Governors have agreed that in the event that there is a greater demand for places than there are places available these should be allocated in accordance with the policy of the Local Authority. This can be found in the attached appendix. We are obliged to admit children who live in or out of our area when they are of age if we have space to do so.

Parents of children not yet at this school but who would like to visit us are welcome to telephone and arrange an appointment.

For place in Reception please contact Cumbria County Council.

For places in Nursery and Years 1 to 6 please contact the school.

Details of our Attendance Policy can be found under the Safeguarding Menu at the top of the page.