Relationships, Sex and Health Education

RSHE is the abbreviation for Relationships, Sex and Health Education.  All of these are key to a successful and safe childhood, adolescence and adulthood.  As a result they are taught in a number of ways:  

We encourage all of our children to adopt healthy lifestyles, this is achieve through access to PE and exercise.  We also teach the values of healthy eating and offer a balanced school meal each day.  Our meals are nutritionally balanced over a full three week period by qualified nutritionists.  There are three options each day that allow you to choose and option that your child prefers.  We encourage all children to choose either vegetables or fresh sald to accompany their protein or carbohydrates.

We encourage children to bring a water bottle daily and to drink plenty of water.  Chilled water dispensers are situated in both KS1 and KS2, allowing bottles to be refilled as required. Children should bring water only - juices and flavoured waters are not permitted.

We provide a fruit or vegetable snack once per day for children in EYFS/KS1.  Children can bring additional fruits or vegetables as required. Other snacks such as biscuits, crisps or chocolate bars are not allowed.

Good health isn't just what we do or eat though, it is also how we help those around us.  We therefore teach how to stay safe, how to support and support those who need our help and we also teach, periodically, basic first aid to our oldest children.  Children are taught how to stay safe online and who to report incidents too which make them feel unsafe.

We are a registered Kidsafe School and use this to teach our children what to do if they feel unsafe.  This covers a variety of subject areas including Internet safety.

We all teach children the value of respect in all relationships, from respect for our friends to the respect of others including those of different faiths and cultures.  Sex and Relationships education is taught at appropriate times in your child's primary school life but we always inform parents in good time of what their child will be learning. Parents can choose to withdraw their child from specific lessons on moral or cultural grounds.

From April 2021, the school started to teach RSHE - Relationships and Health Education.  This includes all the components within the former subject of PSHE but adds the legal requirement to teach about healthy relationships. The consultation policy can be found below.  Parents were asked for comments in the early April newsletter and asked to return these to by 26th April.  No comments were received but would welcome any further or late comments and we will continue to discuss this at Governors, updating ur prractice in light with changes to guidance.