Good attendance at school is a pre-requisite for all children at Rockcliffe CE School. If though your child is unable to come to school due to illness then you must contact the school office between 8.30am and 8.45am each day.  If you do not do this then we will follow up any absences by text and/or by phone.  If we cannot get hold of anyone who can confirm an absence then we will follow the laid down missing child procedures which means that the Police will be called. This is so we know that your child is safe.

Parents are required to keep the school updated of changes to their contact details including mobile and work phone numbers, addresses of all adults with parental responsibility and email addresses.

Attendance updates are sent to all parents monthly.  If a child's attendance falls below our expectations then a conference will be held with parents, the child and (if necessary) a representative of the Local Authority.

Rockcliffe CE School does not, and cannot, authorise holidays in term time.


As we return to school from September full attendance is once again required.  It is now not necessary for pupils to uisolate just becuase another family member is isolating.  We do though require to be told if a ffamily member or close contact has isolated.  Deatils can be found in the email of 22/08 that was sent to all parents and carers.