Rockcliffe School teaches a curriculum which is based around the expectations and Programmes of Study in the National Curriculm for England.

Each day children are taught the core skills of English (sometimes called Literacy) and Mathematics.  Children in KS1 also have a daily session of Phonics where they learn to read and spell - these skills are developed in long English lessons from Year 2 upwards.

Children are also taught RE and the Foundation Subjects (Art/Design, Computing, Design Technology, Geography, History, Modern Foreign Languages, Music, PE, Relationships Education from 2021 and Science. 

Class teachers decide the order in which core subjects are taught and developed, working within the structured expectations for these subjects.  There is greater flexibility in when Foundation Subjects are taught, but a school designed structure (updates each year as class organisation demands) ensures pupils should not repeat prior learning but build on their understanding by developing new skills.

You can find out what we are teaching this year by looking through the attached web pages for Mathematics*, English, Reading, Phonics and the Foundation Subjects.  

*Coming soon

On each of the class pages you will find what is being taught at present.  These termly or half termly overviews ensure aht parents know what is being taught to their children in different classes across the school.