Online Safety Policy and PREVENT Agenda

Online Safety

Online Safety is a huge issue.  We teach children to stay safe online and reinforce this regularly.  All use of the internet is monitored by staff members.  Our internet content is filtered through Cumbria County Council/LUNS who use Fortiguard but even so, children are taught to bring to a staff member's attention, anything which upsets or distresses them.

Children are vulnerable when they are online, especially if they enter chat rooms or other un-monitored arenas.  Our children are taught to:

Never tell anyone where you live.

Never tell anyone your personal details.

Never send anyone pictures of yourself or your family.

Always tell an adult if you feel uncomfortable or if someone asks you for personal information.


By law, we are required to report any behaviour which falls under the PREVENT agenda.  PREVENT is designed to prevent radicalisation in any form.  Generally people only assume that this applies to radical Islam.  This is far from the truth, PREVENT is equally designed to stop any behaviours which go against British values.  This can include, but is not limited to, racism. far-right agendas or other radical actions that affect the rule of law.