Foundation Subjects

All schools teach what are called Foundation Subjects.  These are all of the other subjects apart from RE, Science, English (including Reading and Phonics) and Mathematics.  Foundation subjects are taught for a much smaller percentage of the time and are often taught in thematic blocks.  At Rockcliffe most of the Foundation Subjects are taught in an afternoon but some are integrated into English or Maths lessons when appropriate (such as writing instructions on how to make an item or using scientific data to create mathematic graphs or models).

An overview for each of these subjects can found on their own dedicated pages.  This outlines what we expect to teach to children in 2021/2022.  We're updating these pages all of the time so check back regularly for updates.

Miss Lee leads on Languages (English Reading and Writing) along with Modern Foreign Languages (MfL)

Mrs. Batey is the lead for RE and for Relationships and Sex Education (RSHE)

Mrs. Simpson is the lead for Physical Education (PE)

Miss Bell is the lead for History and Geography

Miss Hewetson is the lead for Science and Desihn Technology (DT)

Miss Scotson is the lead for both Music and Art/Design

Mrs. Jones is the lead for Mathematics and Computing

From January 2022, each half term all children, from Year 1 upwards, will be given a set of Knowledge Organisers that highlight what is being taught in that subject for the next few weeks. These include core information along with key vocabulary.  These can be viewed on each of the class pages.