Charging and Remissions

Everyone likes something for free and here at Rockcliffe we ask for very few voluntary contributions.  Most payments are made through ParentPay and we give parents advance notice of any event where a charge or a voluntary contribution is required. 

We do not charge for curriculum events such as sports tournaments, swimming and routine lessons.  We, very occasionally, ask for contributions towards the cost of materials where an item is to be brought home.  This though is rare.  

Residential trips are voluntary and charged at the minimum rate possible.  School usually supports the cost of these to some extent.  Children in receipt of Pupil Premium pay a reduced fee too.

We often ask for voluntary contributions to support the cost of trips and visits.  Once again school subsidises the overall costs and supports children in receipt of Pupil Premium.  We reserve the right to cancel an event or trip if insufficient voluntary contributions are received.