Autumn 2021

Our first week at Rockcliffe CE School

The children in Reception have made a fantastic start to their schooling and what a busy few days we have had.   Starting school 5(1).JPGStarting school 6(1).JPGStarting school 2(1).JPGStarting school 1(1).JPG

Week 2 has been action packed and we have made a super start with our learning.  We loved PE outside and we are getting to grips with the school day and routine.  We look forward to welcoming the Nursery starters on Monday. 

During week 3 we learned about our body and we read the story Funnybones by Allan Ahlberg.  The children enjoyed creating their own skeletons using cotton buds and paper straws...we hope they aren't too scary!


As we move into Autumn and the colours start to change...we worked together to create our Autumn tree. We read Mr Hodgkiss' story, 'Hodge the Hedgehog'...can you find him hiding on our board?


Owl Babies.jpg O

Our class.jpg

We had a visit from the School Library Service Bus this week and Owl Babies was our text in Week 4...we made Owl on Toast...absolutely delicious and healthy too!  They made our afternoon snack a real treat.

Week 5....and we see a change in the weather.  We managed to get out and use our listening ears as we learned about our senses.  We heard lots of things as we walked around the school grounds.  We have had a super week and the children are all working so are all amazing!

Listening walk.jpg

Towards the end of the week we read 'Oliver's Vegetables' and we enjoyed making vegetable soup.  Thank you to everyone who brought in something to go in our was tasty and very healthy!  I think Oliver would have enjoyed it too.  We are excited that our role-play fruit and vegetable shop is opening on Monday!  

Tasting soup.jpg          Share a Book Everyday.JPG 

Week 6 and we are in the full swing of autumn. The children in Reception are continuing their learning of letters and sounds and this week we began looking at Numbers 1 and 2.  In our Literacy sessions we read The Little Red Hen and the homemade bread was very tasty.  This week in our PE lessons we made the most of the warm weather and used our MUGA to develop our skills....lots of fun!


World Mental Health Day on Friday and we raised awareness for those suffering with mental health by wearing yellow and talking about issues #helloyellow

You certainly brightened up our day Early Years!

Hellow Yellow 1.jpg   Hellow Yellow 2.jpg

End of week 7 and what a quick week it more and half-term.  The children have continued their learning on 1, 2 and 3 and they produced some super writing all about have made such progress in your writing!

The week started with us singing our Harvest Festival song, The Farmer plants the seeds - you sang and perfomed beautifully and thank you all for your kind donations to the Food Bank.


In our English lessons we read the story Leaf Man...we hope you like our very own Leaf Men!  What a lot of things we found on our autumn walk around the school grounds. 

IMG_5191.JPG   IMG_0191.JPG    IMG_0214.JPG

The last week of this half term has flown by and the children definitely deserve a week's break after all of their hard work and efforts over the last 8 weeks.  They have made fantastic progress in all areas and it is hard to believe they have already completed their first half term at school.

This week we read the Supertato books, we talked about what it means to be a Superhero and our own super powers...some of these were a little far fetched!  

We concluded the week by using our senses to investigate the inners of a pumpkin - nothing quite like it!

Thank you Nursery and Reception, we're looking foward to the next one.

 Supertato.jpg     Pumpkins.jpg  

Week 1 of Autumn 2 and there has been lots going on.  We have carried on our learning in maths and English and we are all enjoying being back at school.  This week we celebrated Diwali and Bonfire Night.


IMG_5660(1).JPG   IMG_5664.JPG 

Our PE lesson was fun and our throwing and catching skills are really improving...we are so lucky to have fantastic outdoor space.  We made the best of the nice weather.


This week we reflected on Remembrance Day and on Thursday our activities focused around us saying thank you to those that help us.  Our poppy shortbread biscuits were eye-catching, just like the poppies in the fields.  We have started to learn our Nativity songs and we are inching into the festive spirit.  We welcomed even more Nursery children who settled well and we are very lucky to have them. 

Poppy biscuit.jpg

This week saw Winter appearing in all its glory and Jack Frost visited on more than one occassion.  In our art/science lessons we explored different textures, colours and materials and we learned about cold colours.  We created a collage as part of our Jack Frost work.  We opened our Post Office today and everyone has been very busy writing and sending letters.  Next week we begin our Countdown to Christmas, starting with a visit from Reverand Ian and an assembly on Advent.


Look at the concentration on those faces as they make their Christingles, ready for the church service tomorrow.  They look great everyone and super teamwork.  


Today was an exciting today in Early Years, as our new outdoor teaching and learning sheds arrived.  The joiners kindly let us go and see what they were doing and they even let us help with our new toy drills and screwdrivers!  Mr Hodgkiss has kindly bought us lots of new things to go in there, one will be a construction shed and the other a writing one.  They will be put to very good use, rain, hail or shine!


This week we walked to church for a rehearsal of our Lower School Christmas Performance, Jesus' Christmas Party.  We enjoyed walking through the village and along the river to the church.  Our songs sounded lovely and we are so excited for a dress rehearsal next week. 

IMG_6214.JPG  IMG_6219.JPG IMG_6225.JPG

On Thurday we held our Christingle Service at Rockcliffe Church, it was a beautiful service and it got us all in the Christmas Spirit! Well done to the children who did a careful and special job of holding our Christingles. 


The final week before Christmas and lots going on in Early Years...a fantastic Nativity performance, Christmas lunch, a party and Christmas Jumper Day.  We are so proud of each and every one of you and how much you have achieved in your first half term at school.  Have a lovely break and we look forward to seeing you all again for more fun and learning in the Spring Term.  

Christmas Jumper Day.JPG