Autumn 2021

This half term we have been working hard to show the value of number. We have been exploring how we can show the value of numbers with physical objects. 

We have been looking at greater than, less than and equal to this week. One of our tasks was to complete block towers and compare - ordering from smallest to largest. Year one we're fantastic! There may be some budding architects hiding in Year 1 this year. 

We have also been exploring map symbols and direction within our topic 'our locality'. We have looked at some common map symbols to find out what they mean. We have used mapping and been its to work on our verbal direction skills (forward, backwards, right and left). Great work year 1! 

Our English book this half term is the Tiger who came to tea by Judith Kerr, we have enjoyed reading the story and sequencing the events. This week we have been using Talk for writing to retell the story using images. 




 Autumn Term 2!

Welcome back to another half term, it is lovely to see those happy smiling faces back in the door and to be mixing a little within our Keystage bubble. This half term we are looking at Space, Astronauts and the great unknowns of the universe. Please see our Topic Overview below:

Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 21.20.01 (1)(1).png

This week we have begun to look at 2D shapes and their properties, we have been exploring the shapes themselves, how they are drawn and where we find them day to day. Year 1 are quickly becoming shape superstars!



Y1 Maths 2.jpg

Y1 Maths 3.jpg

This half term along with our space topic, we have designed and built our own rockets! Year 1 thought really hard about the properties of the materials and the shape their rocket should be. 

Rocket 1.jpgRocket 2.jpg

Rocket 4.jpgRocket 3.jpg


This week we have been working on our Christmas Craft for the Rockcliffe Centre. We worked with mixing different shades of blue and blending them together. We then used a cutting machine to cut out a snowflake and added a city scene. 

card 1.jpgcard 3.jpgcard 2.jpg

This week we went to the Rockcliffe Church for our Christingle service. Before we went we all learned about the parts of the Christingle and what they represent. Then in pairs we had a go at making our own to take to the church and light during the service. 

Christingle 2.jpg

Christingle 3.jpg

Christingle 1 .jpg

Christingle 4.JPG

Christingle 5.JPG

Christingle 6.JPG

Christingle 7.JPG

Maths this week we have continued to explore number and have consolidated some of our place value knowledge. We have been looking at how numbers are made up and making them from base 10 as well as looking at more less and one more for a given number.