School Council, Governors and Staff

School Council

Rockcliffe School has a School Council which is led by Miss Whalley.  They have a clear vision which can be viewed below.  

School Council Vision 2015/16


Our team of experienced Governors oversee the running of Rockcliffe CE School.  Details of some of our Governors appear beow and they can be contacted through email.  All Governors sit on different sub-committees (Buldings, Curriculum or Finance) to review the schools progress.

Andrew Hanson (Chair of Governors) Curriculum and Finance Chair

Michael Deans (Vice Chair of Governors) Curriculum and Finance 

Wendy Barclay (Clerk to the Governors)

Rebecca Burrow (Governor with Safeguardng Responsibility) Curriculum and Buildings

Melanie Beaven (Governor with Special Needs Responsibility) Curriculum and Finance

Laura Whalley (Staff Governor) Curriculum and Buildings

Other Governors

David Hodgkiss - as Head Teacher, David is a member of all committees

Jan Van den Berg - Curriculum and Buildings

Ed Roberts - Curriculum and Buildings Chair

Val Tarbitt - Curriculum and Buildings

If you wish to contact the Governing Body with information or queries then please email

Governor attendance at meetings can be viewed here Governor attendance to June 14th 2016

Governor attendance for 2016 / 2017 Governor attendance 2016/17

Governot Terms of Office Governor terms of Office

Teaching Staff

Rockcliffe School is fortunate to have an experienced and talented staff.  Details of their major roles and responsibilities can be found below.


Mr. David Hodgkiss

(Head Teacher, SENCO, Child Protection)







Miss Laura Whalley

(Assistant Head Teacher, Class 3 Teacher, English)







Miss Margaret Galway

(Class 1 and 2 Teacher, Arts, Early Years Education)







Mrs. Emma Batey

(PPA Cover and Religous Education)







Miss Serena Bell

(Class 6 teacher, Physical Education)






Mrs. Rachel Jones

(Class 5 teacher, Mathemetics)






Miss Gemma McComb

(Class 4 teacher)





Teaching Assistants

Miss Carren Wilson

(Higher Level Teaching Assistant, PPA Cover







Mrs. Pauline Thompson

(Senior Teaching Assistant, Nursery, Rocky's After School Club Leader)







Miss Hilary Swan

(Teaching Assistant, Reception)






Miss Laura Bingham

(Senior Teaching Assistant, Key Stage 2)






Miss Molly Walls

(Apprentice Teaching Assistant, Rocky's After School Club Play Worker)






Support Staff


Mrs. Linda Delaney

(School Administrator)

Ms. Marian Owen (Cleaner in Charge)


Miss Wendy Barclay

(Midday Sports Leader)







Ms. Fiona Clifford

(Midday Supervisor)







Mrs. Danielle Ward 

(Midday Supervisor)






Contracted Staff

Mrs. Margaret MacDonald

(Cook) Mellor's Catering






Miss Angelina Wilson

(General Kitchen Assistant) Mellor's Catering






Register of Business Interests – Rockcliffe CE School

The school holds a register of Business Interests for staff and governors.

Relevant Business Interests are:

Head Teacher – none

Chair of Governors – none

Clerk to the Governors – additionally employed as Midday Sports Supervisor

Other Governors with registered business interests.

None disclosed as of 19th September 2016.

Other staff with registered business interests.

None disclosed as of 1st September 2016  

Contact the School

Rockcliffe CE Primary School


Main Contact: Mr. David Hodgkiss - Head Teacher

Tel: 01228 674631

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