Outbreaks of Covid-19 (September 2021 onwards)

If your child is unfortunate to contract Covid-19 (confirmed by a PCR test) then they will have to isolate from school for ten days.  You will be advised on the date that they can return by NHS Test and Trace.  Their siblings can still come to school.

If you suspect that your child may have Covid symptoms then your child must remain off school and get a PCR test.  If we suspect that your child may have Covid-19 then you must come to school to collect them, normally within thirty minutes, and they must go for a test.  We will not allow the child back into school until you have the results of a PCR test.

As all parents have been advised, results from LFT are insufficient. 

If there is an outbreak in school we will follw guidenace from public health bodies.  An outbreak is described as five children or 10% of a group of close contacts. This threshold for action has to be reached within ten school days/two weeks.

So that we can monitor the situation within our community we ask that parents inform school if any household contact is isolating with Covid-19.  This will not be shared with anyone else but it will allow us to decide when we move stages and for us to consider amending school operations.